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VR technology (virtual reality) provides completely different feelings and emotions than regular monitors. At present, the conditional reality is experiencing a true rise and the exchange of this kind of electronics is wide. Anyone is able to choose the form for the purpose of himself – as well as the usual owner of a phone with lenses, and thus modern modifications with their screens, sensors and “smart” controllers.


The market for the best VR glasses is very segmented. The most inexpensive devices assume a little unit in no way a cardboard box with very elementary lenses, into which the telephone is inserted. It is impossible to characterize these adaptations as full-fledged, but they are suitable for the purpose of children or the rest of the company. Devices of the mid-price sector are more generally also targeted at the service with a telephone, however, there was previously excellent ergonomics, integrated meters and, in some cases, outdoor controllers. In some cases, come across and modifications with its own screen. The most expensive VR glasses are the present-day modern mounting concepts, own monitors, a whole set of gauges and controllers. And, more generally, they are aimed at a service with personal PCs and consoles.


Just like VR glasses, this one without exception is really glasses, in this case the main thing, in that it is necessary to concentrate the interest in the presence of their selection, is the practicality of operation directly to you. Of course, we recommend to measure them before buying. For example, elastic straps or a very strong abutment of the pupils have all the chances to provoke discomfort. If you choose the form that functions with the phone, concentrate the interest in the method of its attachment to the device and the volume of the screen that the glasses hold. By the way, modern modifications have perceiving panels integrated into the block-housing and vibration motors.

Lenses and screen

In various VR glasses, visual lenses correspond because of the larger picture. Of course, they are not obliged to have any damage, because otherwise the image will become corrupted. However, there are 2 other significant parameters, and more specifically, options. B-1st, center regulation. In the absence of its society with myopia and long-sightedness will not be able to use the glasses. B-2, adjusting the interpupillary distance. This meteorological parameter is personal for any person. In versions with integrated screens, it is necessary to concentrate interest in the solution of the monitor for the purpose of any view and viewing angle. Than they are more – this is more correct for the purpose of the final drawings.

Sensors and controllers

With the most readily available modifications, it is obvious without exception and to rely on that in this case, in addition to the lenses in the case, there is no need to further. In VR glasses of mediocre class, it is previously possible to find an integrated accelerometer, a gyroscope and a proximity device, in some cases, a displacement device. For the purpose of the most modern immersion in the VR society, costly modifications are provided by modern controllers, which have every chance to turn your room into a true video game platform.

Communication with the headquarters usually lies on one person (commander or a dedicated signalman). In a completely budget version, the headquarters is located on the same channel with the fighters.

General Rules

About how to establish and maintain radio communication is an excerpt from the Charter, but I will recommend to get acquainted with it a little later. We will begin the rules of radio communication with general points. Of course, in different conditions, situations may force the head to think differently, but it is recommended to adhere to common standards. For the telecommunication network this happens to be a very important part in the best ways

Radio communication is only used in the case. If there is an opportunity, then it is better to transfer information without it (in a word, with gestures). At the time of your transmission, someone may actually need a connection, and sometimes it’s faster to show a finger than to explain by communication.

  • “You’ll shout louder, you can hear further” – this is from the category of bad advice. In the walkie-talkie speak loudly, legibly, at a distance from the mouth (not at close range).
  • Do not interrupt and do not meddle in someone else’s conversation without urgent need. You can always wait until the end of the transfer. If, however, it is a matter of transmitting increased urgency (a sudden attack of the enemy on headquarters) – wait until the end of the speaker’s broadcast and declare your importance (conditional cry). After that, the communication can be conducted according to the general protocol.
  • Holding the PTT transfer button, before speaking, you need to wait at least a second. By simultaneously pressing the tangent and the beginning of the transmission, part of the message is “cut off”.
  • We transmit information in the most concise manner, without unnecessary emotions, doubts, words of parasites, etc. The answer is better to think in advance in my head.
  • Priority when referring to the side, team, group has the commander of this object. Do not answer for it. Exception – he technically cannot get in touch.

Individually we monitor our radio station so that it is not in permanent transmission mode. This happens both on broken and slanted tangents, and in the super-sensitive VOX mode, which reacts even to the breath of a fighter-owner.

According to the rules – the “dead” are silent. The same applies to the rules of radio.


The main problems of using radio are related to its principles of operation.

  • During the broadcast can not broadcast other members.
  • During the broadcast, we do not hear the other participants.
  • During the broadcast, we cannot be sure of the correct delivery of the message.
  • When broadcasting simultaneously, the message will not be delivered to anyone (wave interference).

To solve these problems, the radio regulations provide for a specific communication protocol. A protocol is a standard for transmitting information that ensures the correctness of its transmission. In fact, some “superfluous” control words are embedded in the conversation of the participants in the communication, which allow you to quickly and efficiently deliver information to the necessary people. The protocol must be followed even in the most inadequate situations (the fall of a meteorite), because its use will ensure the fastest message transmission. Con i marcatori laser si possono incidere codici utili per la tracciabilità dei prodotti e loghi per attuare strategie di branding