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      2. How to choose rotary tiller blade correctly?

        Rotary cultivator is the most commonly used agricultural machinery in the process of agricultural production. Rotary cultivator blade is not only the main working part of rotary cultivator, but also a vulnerable part. The correct selection and quality directly affect the farming quality, mechanical energy consumption and service life of the whole machine. As the rotary tiller is a high-speed rotating working part, it has strict requirements on material and manufacturing process. Its products should have sufficient strength, good toughness and good wear resistance, and it is required to be assembled conveniently and reliably.

        Due to the large consumption of vulnerable rotary blades, fake and shoddy products often appear in the market, which is characterized by the fact that the hardness, strength, size and blade wear resistance of the blade can not meet the standard requirements. If the hardness of rotary tillage knife is low, it will not be wear-resistant, easy to deform, and its service life is short; If the hardness is high, it is easy to break in case of stones, bricks and tree roots during high-speed rotation.

        In order to ensure the normal use of the rotary cultivator, ensure the operation quality and avoid economic losses, it is very important to select the appropriate rotary cultivator according to the specification and model of the rotary cultivator (the rotary cultivator must be produced by a regular manufacturer with complete certificates), otherwise the operation quality will be affected or the machine will be damaged.

        The corresponding rotary blade shall be selected according to the operation site. The straight blade with small curvature shall be selected for reclaimed land, the curved blade shall be selected for reclaimed land, and the paddy blade shall be selected for paddy field. Only in this way can the operation be completed with quality and efficiency. In order to ensure the operation efficiency of rotary cultivators and prevent the purchase of fake and shoddy rotary cultivators, they should be carefully selected. The authenticity can be identified by looking at the product logo, looking at the product appearance, listening to the sound and weighing.


        Post time: Sep-15-2021