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      2. The Main Reason for Damage to the Rotary Blade during Operation

        The main reasons for the bending or breaking of the rotary tiller blade during operation

        1. The rotary tiller blade directly touches the rocks and tree roots in the field.
        2. The machines and tools drops sharply on the hard ground.
        3. A small corner is turned during operation, and the depth of soil penetration is too large.
        4. The qualified rotary tiller blades produced by regular manufacturers are not bought.


        1. Before the machine operates on the ground, it is necessary to understand the ground conditions first, remove the stones in the field in advance, and bypass the roots of the trees when working.
        2. The machine should be lowered slowly.
        3. The ground levelling machine must be raised when turning.
        4. Rotary tiller blades should not be inserted too deep into the soil.
        5. The qualified rotary tiller blades from regular manufacturers shall be purchased


        Post time: Sep-15-2021